• Extreme Temperatures - Guidelines & Monitoring for YSD Students

    The information below outlines when it is safe for children to spend time outside.


    STEP 1: Determine the wind chill factor

    Use a the National Weather Service link below to determine the current wind chill factor in Fahrenheit.

    Note: The office for the National Weather Service is in Pendleton, OR which is why you will see Pendleton, OR in the upper left corner, however, the data displayed in the link is for Yakima.


    STEP 2: Apply wind chill factor to Child Care Watch Chart

    成人小视频appApply the wind chill factor determined in Step 1 to this .


    STEP 3: Make decision on holding recess an other outdoor activities

    If the wind chill factor is 20 degrees or below, conditions such as wind chill, precipitation and playground conditions are considered when making decisions about holding recess or other outdoor activities.