• Notification Systems

    We at the Yakima School District strive to maintain strong communication lines between us and the families we serve. We use a variety of means to delivery information in order to extend the reach of our message. Below is a break down of the communication/notification platforms we use along with a description of the type of information delivered on each.

Sign up for Text Message Alerts

Want to receive notifications from the Yakima School District via text message? You can now manage how the district, and your child's school, deliver certain messages to you through our ParentLink portal. All you need is a Skyward account with an active email address. (Don't have a Skyward account?)

For more information, please visit the ParentLink page.

  • Public School/District Information

    成人小视频appNotices with general information on school or district happenings may go out through any of these mass notification platforms:

    • Automated Phone Calls: Special event notices occaisonally go out to registered phone numbers.
      View delivery preference information  |  View opt-out information
    • Mail: Special district notices may occasionally be mailed out to community members.
      Please ensure your school has a current mailing address where you can be reached.
    • Mobile App: Our mobile app provides quick access to alerts, news and calendars from the district and schools.
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    • Social Media: Coverage of school and district events along with news and alerts are posted on our social media feeds.
    • TV and Radio: Special events announcements and inclement weather notices may be broadcast on local stations.
    • Website: Our district and school websites contain a wealth of information from current news to policies and procedures.
      View district homepage | View school listings  |  View website help
  • Student Information

    Communications containing student information go directly to authorized guardians through one of these platforms:

    • Mail: Formal notices about a student may be mailed to a registered mailing address.
      Please ensure your school has a current mailing address where you can be reached.
    • ParentLink: Automated phone call, text, and e-mail notifications are managed through this system.
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    • Skyward: Also known as Family Access, this system is used to communicate grades, attendance, and other student records.
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